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  • Brass & stainless steel rubbing strake, keel band & fittings.

    Postage to Mainland UK of these items is subject to the length required, up to 1000mm, 3.00 up to 1200mm, 6.00, 1200mm to 3000mm 30.00 all approximate, please ask for updated prices. Mainmarine@gmail.com

    Brass shallow D section is available in 12.5mm x 3mm,15mm x 5mm, 19mm x 5mm & 25mm x 5mm up to 3000mm in length, we cut to your requirements. we have some off cuts too:

    Brass C & T section, for sail track or companionway sliding hatches is available in 16mm & 19mm wide, upto 3000mm in length.

    Brass Deck & Sail Track C section is available in 25mm wide
    Brass sail track slides for 16mm & 19mm Track, Deck & sail slides & Spinnaker pole slides, for 25mm track, also available & Spnnaker pole ends:

    > Stainless Steel Hollow Oval Section is avialable up to 12ft long, in 3/4", 1", 1.25" & 1.5" widths:
    Solid D section is available up to 12ft long, in 3/4", 1" & 1.25" widths


    Our address for corespondance is:

    Mainmarine.co.uk. 4 Burrowfield Mews, Nottingham Road, Spondon, Derby DE21 7SJ

    Terms and conditions:

    Any faulty goods will be exchanged if returned in original packaging within seven days. We do not offer refunds on specially ordered goods.